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Honestly Austin - Episode 2: Bruce Rand Berman

hi mr bearman how are you i'm good thank you mr camera for having me thank you so thank you for coming out to be my second guest on my interview youtube channel called honestly austin um so most people like tv shows and movies so we thought it'd be interesting to have someone who produces them tell us about it well it's uh you're right i do do that um it's it's uh it's a lot of fun every day is a different day it's you know it's a lot better than sitting in a cubicle somewhere i think um you know every day anything in a in a writer's brain ends up on paper in a script and then we have to put it on film or tape or whatever and uh it's a challenge it's a lot harder work than i think a lot of people realize but we have a i have a great time doing it and i've been doing it a long time now so the white in my beard tells you how long yep all right so let's start out with a little softball question tell us about where you grew up what college you went to and what or who inspired you to go into the tv in movie production um well i grew up in the washington dc area and i've lived in los angeles now since about 1985 or six um so a long time uh you know i went to university of maryland for two years and at the time i didn't really know what i wanted to do with the rest of my life which i think is actually really important for kids these days to understand you don't have to figure that out early on excuse me um and where you go to school almost doesn't even matter to some degree unless you're into specific fields and specific um industry um you know like being a doctor you go to specific places but in the tv and film industry i think your entire life experience plays a role in in your experience in the in the business it helps you in many ways so anyway so i went to maryland for two years i transferred to ohio university actually where i graduated with a degree in communications which is kind of a nice general degree to have but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to have a film degree or a tv degree or whatever to work in the industry i know people that were lawyers that are now comedy writers i know you know you can have a philosophy degree and and work in tv it doesn't really matter like i said all the all your life experiences play a role um but i had a buddy i was like in journalism and i was thinking about law actually pre-law and uh and things like that and then i had a friend that went to school in boston and he came into la and he did an uh an internship and i thought an internship sounded like a great idea at the time you know a way to get real experience as opposed to learning in a classroom and came to l.a did an internship in uh on a show long time ago called knott's landing and when i finished that i went back to school at ohio graduated in june got in a car drove out that summer and never looked back and 30 something years later here i am still and it goes so fast it's just unbelievable yeah so when you first got to la that first summer and like when you end up moving there um how did you find jobs and what jobs did you get um it's really important i think in this industry as much as any you know it's about who you know to some degree and one of the reasons i really wanted to come my parents wanted me to stay back in dc area and maryland um and earn a little money before i came out but i felt it was super important to use the contacts that i had all three of them i think at the time and come right back and and start looking for work as soon as i could um so when i got here and even before i was reaching out to those people and this before email and stuff so i was literally sending letters and making phone calls and uh and i was looking for work i was also looking for a place to stay i didn't really have much money sleeping on friends floors where i could i ended up in a fraternity house i wasn't even a fraternity brother but i ended up at ucla westwood on the floor somebody for that first summer i lived in my car for a minute like for two nights i think in somebody's bathroom floor once um and eventually after calling a bunch of people my first job was on a terrible movie called tips it was about life in a restaurant and it had a lot of big names on it at the time people like phyllis diller and uh isabelle sanford who was the wife on the jeffersons these are shows that you may not remember but they were pretty popular time robert culp was a big one um had a lot of cool people in there uh barney martin who played seinfeld's dad on seinfeld so i met a lot of cool people at the time and i just started working that was my first job i was literally scrubbing uh scrubbing floors and scrubbing toilets getting ready for the crew to show up on location and then they fired the production coordinator and asked me if i wanted to be the production coordinator i didn't know what that meant really but they paid me a little more so i took the job and never looked back

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